Tuesday 7 June 2016


The Three Peaks Yacht Race is one of the oldest and most remarkable multi-sport endurance races in the world, and one that I’ve wanted to compete in for a very long time.

Teams of five per yacht sail from Barmouth on the west coast of Wales up to the finish in Fort William on the west coast of Scotland, stopping off at Caernarfon and Whitehaven on the way. During those stops two of the crew are required to climb each of the highest mountains in Wales, England and Scotland, which is equivalent of three marathons.

I’m thrilled to bits to be competing this year as part of team aparito. Being part of such a phenomenal crew is rather intimidating to say the least. Pip Hare and Nikki Curwen are both amazing high profile off shore solo sailors, and both of them have completed in the mini Transat. I’ve always had great admiration for them both. I’m also finally getting to team-up with fellow Welsh adventurer Lowri Morgan, which has been a long time ambition of mine. Lowri is a legend ultra marathon runner with many successes to her name. And most excitingly I get to join forces with my old crewmate from my Indian row, Jo Jackson. Since that row Jo has gone to do amazing things, and I can’t believe how lucky I am to get the opportunity to compete with her again.

I’m not only excited to be taking part in this race because it’s an opportunity to get the adrenaline pumping again, and to experience a new adventure (which I always love), but this time it feels even more special. Primarily because I get to fly the flag for women in sport, for Wales, and for rare disease. Three things that’s often in the minority. When you’re in the minority it means that you have to fight harder for a fair chance, and fight harder for equal recognition. When you’re in the minority you often have to shout louder to be heard, or find a different platform to share your story.

The Three Peaks Yacht Race will therefore be a platform for me to fly the flag for three issues that are very important to me. I hope that I do all three things proud.

To support rare diseases I will be once again raising money for the charity Findacure. A charity that empowers patient groups and support drug repurposing – two causes I’ve been championing throughout my professional career. If you can, please do donate.  I am always very grateful.

The race starts 2pm on Saturday, and you can track us live via this link. We will also have an on board reporter filming our every move, and a documentary will soon follow on S4C and Channel 4.

We couldn’t have funded our adventure without our great sponsors: aparito, Keela Outdoor clothing, sub zero clothing, Oes Gafr Eto, Mountain House Food, and Primal Pantry – THANK YOU ALL! But most importantly thank you to Chris Frost. Like all of my sailing adventures over the last 18 months I would not have been able to do any of them without his support. He might not be on the boat racing with me this time, but he is still very much an important part of the team, as he has the very important role of being shore crew - which means looking after us all in every stop over. Not only that but Chris and his Dad are with Nikki as I type delivering the boat up to Barmouth ready for the start. Thank you Frosty for being my much needed anchor!

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